ARDEZ Pharma focuses on several fields of medicine, where we provide a comprehensive offer of medicines, medical resources and nutraceutics. We are constantly expanding our offer to include new interesting, high-quality products that have real meaning for our customer.

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Hospital and intensive care

This division provides numerous injectable and oral products into hospitals and specialised centres, e. g. medicines for anaesthesia and urgent medicine, antiinfectives, oncology and pain management. We import several non-registered pharmaceuticals absent on the Czechoslovak market, including rare medicines. In addition to pharmaceuticals, it also supplies special medical devices for diagnostic and therapeutical purposes. 


We are engaged in the treatment and prevention of neurological and psychiatric illnesses, such as epilepsy, neuropathy, schizophrenia, depression and Alzheimer's disease.


Our gynaecology portfolio includes several types of hormonal contraceptives and intrauterine devices, products for infertility, multivitamins for pregnant women and other products focussing on women's health.  

Selected products from our over-the-counter portfolio:



We offer treatments for hyperplasia and prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, overactive bladder and acute or chronic urinary tract inflammation.  

Selected products from our over-the-counter portfolio:


Not all products are available on both markets.


Public Scientific Service

You can search for the necessary information about pharmaceutical products (PIL/SPC) in the database of medicines registered in the Czech Republic, under the below link.

PIL (Package inserts) are intended primarily for patients.
SPC is intended primarily for healthcare professionals, in particular doctors and pharmacists.
The duty to establish a Public scientific service is given by Act No 378/2007 Coll., on medicines.

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